5 tools every social media manager should be using

Life of a social media manager turns out to be hectic when there are several brands to manage. In that case, even 24 hours are not enough. Myself being into digital marketing, am aware of how hectic the schedule becomes. Not to forget the tension, missing deadlines, grammatical errors start showing & so on.

5 tools every social media manager should be using

Personal time is taken away in this whole schedule. There are tools available that can make a life of a social media manager easy & help save time. These 5 tools made my life easy & now am able to dedicate time to myself & not just for the brands I handle.

In this post, I am sharing those 5 tools every social media manager should be using…


Pinterest is turning out to be the reference hub for many professionals & not just restricted to graphic designers. It’s the Google of content. Looking for an idea? Need some inspiration? That nudge to get you started? Pinterest is the best source. Brilliantly allotted categories, robust search functionality makes Pinterest easy to use.

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In a day-to-day life, we write a lot of emails, take notes, make presentations etc. How often we pay attention to the grammatical errors? When we see a deadline running towards us, we tend to make silly grammatical mistakes unknowingly. Grammarly is the best tool for the grammar check. It not only checks for the errors, it also gives suggestions. It helps in eliminating errors, enhance clarity & meaning & enhancing vocabulary.

Grammarly is available on iOS, Chrome, Microsoft Office, Windows. It comes with a free & paid plan (Monthly – $29.95/mo, Quarterly – $19.98/mo, Yearly – $11.66/mo) options.

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Not everyone is a pro in Photoshop. Those who know Photoshop, they are able to generate amazing graphics. Not all social media managers are graphic designers but, Canva makes it easy for them. It’s easy to use & makes designing graphics so easy. You need not have to be a design professional to use this tool. There are various design templates (social media posts, documents, blogging & e-books, marketing materials, social media & email headers, events, ads), fonts, photos (some stock photos are free but some are merely for $1). It also allows you to save your graphics in png, jpg, pdf formats.

It comes with a free & paid plan ($12.95/mo) options & is accessible from web, iPhone & iPad.

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If you handle more than one brand, posting social media posts at various times, becomes hectic & consumes a lot of your valuable time. Even if you are a blogger, posting your blog posts at different time zones is not possible manually. That’s where Buffer comes in. Its the most user-friendly social media scheduling platform. Their free plan is more than sufficient if you are okay with setting up one social profile per platform & scheduling 10 posts per profile.

Their Awesome plan ($10/mo) is perfect for those wanting to setup 10 social profiles & schedule 100 posts per profile. It’s accessible from the web, iPhone/ iPad, Android, browser extensions & various otherĀ third party extensions & apps.

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Sprout Social

The first week of every month is very hectic in the life of social media manager. Why? Because every brand demands a social media activity report of the previous month. Managing several brand’s social presences is not an easy task. It involves a lot of effort in keeping the brand’s presence active, interacting with the brand’s customers & building new connections. There are several social media management platforms available which provide services like analytics/ reports management, engagement monitoring, scheduling. But after testing several such platforms, I found Sprout Social to be the robust platform which offers amazing (read: good looking) social media reports which can also be co-branded with your company name to send out to the clients.

This is a premium platform & comes with a 30-day free trial. They offer 4 plans: Premium ($99/mo – 10 profiles), Corporate ($149/mo – 15 profiles & Enterprise ($249/mo – 20 profiles). Additional profiles can be purchased for $25/mo – per profile)

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I hope these 5 tools will make your life easier. Do let me know your views on the above-mentioned tools.

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