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How to increase the reach of your Facebook posts

When Facebook started offering business pages in those days, many brands, even individuals benefited out of it. Back then it was easy to gain that well-deserved reach for every Facebook post. Because Facebook’s algorithm was simple until they came out with the complex algorithm for

The digital scope for the brands via Twitter

In this age, we barely know of people who may be absent from the social media sphere. Social networking and social conversations are the ‘in’ thing and obviously the future too. And why not, it’s a trend we’ve noticed nowadays. More people are willing to

How to build an effective personal Twitter profile

Twitter is catching up & it’s catching up rapidly. Be it individuals or brands, they seem to be getting on Twitter rapidly & why not, it’s the most happening social platform these days. But how many of them manage to build an effective Twitter profile?

How to simplify your daily social media tasks

If you go by the hours we have every day for our activities then you will also realize that 24 hours are not enough. I blame today’s situation & our schedules. But it’s important that we manage our time wisely so that we can have

5 tools every social media manager should be using

Life of a social media manager turns out to be hectic when there are several brands to manage. In that case, even 24 hours are not enough. Myself being into digital marketing, am aware of how hectic the schedule becomes. Not to forget the tension,

How to get maximum traffic to your blog via Twitter

If you are a blogger like me then no matter how much traffic you receive on our blog, it will always feel less. That greedy we get! Increase in blog traffic leads to several opportunities, leads, sales, requests, connections, monetizing benefits etc. One of the

How to promote your tweetup via memes

If you are on Twitter for a long time then you must be quite aware of the term “Tweetup”. For all those who are not aware of this term, it is an in-person gathering/ networking of Twitter users. Organising a tweetup itself is a huge