How to increase the reach of your Facebook posts

When Facebook started offering business pages in those days, many brands, even individuals benefited out of it. Back then it was easy to gain that well-deserved reach for every Facebook post. Because Facebook’s algorithm was simple until they came out with the complex algorithm for

Things to consider when choosing your domain name

You have finally decided to start a website/ blog of your own. That’s great! Even I have been through this excitement when I had decided to start one of my own without taking few things into consideration. Things to be considered are: which blogging platform to

The digital scope for the brands via Twitter

In this age, we barely know of people who may be absent from the social media sphere. Social networking and social conversations are the ‘in’ thing and obviously the future too. And why not, it’s a trend we’ve noticed nowadays. More people are willing to

4 common blogging questions answered

Thinking to start a personal blog or a blog to promote your business/area of expertise? The very first step begins by choosing what you really want to do in terms of your blog. Once the perspective is set, it’s easier, to begin with your blog.

5 tools every social media manager should be using

Life of a social media manager turns out to be hectic when there are several brands to manage. In that case, even 24 hours are not enough. Myself being into digital marketing, am aware of how hectic the schedule becomes. Not to forget the tension,

How to get maximum traffic to your blog via Twitter

If you are a blogger like me then no matter how much traffic you receive on our blog, it will always feel less. That greedy we get! Increase in blog traffic leads to several opportunities, leads, sales, requests, connections, monetizing benefits etc. One of the

How to manage distributed teams

The world is taking the digital route. These days more and more companies are integrating distributed teams into their work culture. That means employees are distributed all over the world & work is getting done remotely. But managing distributed teams is a lot different from

How to work more productively from home

The term “working from home” itself is so fascinating that we all end up secretly wishing for it, over & over again. There are many people who are working from home & in this digital age, it works well too. Some have managed to blend