Things to do before you begin your week

Everyone will agree to this that we live in a world where our life is getting busier day by day. Be it related to education or profession. We at times fail to cope up with the pace of life & the commitments that come along with it. And to cope with the pace of life we keep on trying to implement our own ways.

If you are aware of the week well in advance, it will make a huge difference when it comes to ticking off those tasks from your lists.

So here I am sharing few things to do before you begin your week:

Keep a track of your list: List down all your tasks, appointments, events. Personally, I categorize my lists as personal, professional, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, payments & renewals, meetings, deadlines, general reminders. You can add up more lists according to your suitability.

Prioritize your tasks: Prioritizing will make things easier for you to get those tasks sorted & plan in other tasks.

Clear up your previous week: If there are any pending tasks on your list, make sure you assign those tasks to the new week & get done with it.

Confirm appointments: You might be well organized but not everyone is. So make sure you let the people know about your meetings with them prior to the meeting day to avoid any miscommunication.

Assign tasks: If you are the one in charge of certain things to get done from other people, assign those tasks to the concerned people well in advance and let them know about the deliverable’s deadline.

Don’t miss out on the events: You don’t want your friend’s, family or relatives to get angry with you for not wishing them on their special days, birthdays & wedding anniversaries.

Don’t shy away from using apps: Some people like to keep a planner with them so they are aware of the days ahead well in advance. Others love apps. Since nowadays there are many apps available which can be used as the planner or personal assistant, it’s no harm in using apps. I love apps & I am making the most out of certain apps like: Remember The Milk (My favorite), 24me (My favorite), Todoist, Evernote, Wunderlist.

The whole idea behind planning the week well in advance is to simply be structured in a way so that you can save time for your personal life, get that well-deserved sleep & increase your productivity. Hope these pointers will help you in planning for the new week well in advance.

How do you plan for the week ahead? Do you use any apps? Or are you the one who prefer an actual planner diary?

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