What do you mean by evergreen content & why should you create it

Whenever we come across the term “evergreen” we always have referred it to nature, to be specific, trees & leaves.

Just like nature’s way of retaining greenery, content has its own way to retain its relevancy for several months & years.

The good thing about content is that it stays consumable, shareable through social media, email & eventually generates traffic.

How to generate evergreen content?

It’s hard to predict which of your content will become evergreen & stay valuable for a longer period of time. But it’s not tough to make some efforts in trying to generate content that will be useful for your audience & not become outdated.

Here are some of the content formats that are likely to become evergreen:

  • Testimonials
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Tips
  • Reviews
  • “How to” series
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These formats cannot be implemented via just blog posts but also can be implemented through articles, social media posts & videos.

Don’t presume that whatever content you will be generating, will become evergreen & ruin the surprise factor. Keep generating relevant content & let it take its own flow.

How to find out if your content is evergreen?

These days, social media sharing plays a vital role in making content viral & evergreen. Make sure your content is shared on all your social platforms. If on Twitter, make sure you share it several times based on different time zones & based on your follower’s demographics with relevant hashtags.

Google Analytics will come handy. Setup your analytics code on your blog/website to track the traffic & social media traffic under acquisition tab.

Once you come to know what content is getting more attention, go further & be consistent in generating more relevant content. This will result in leads generation, spreading awareness of you as a brand, services you provide & will increase sales.

Do let me know which of your content is going evergreen.

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