How to simplify your daily social media tasks

If you go by the hours we have every day for our activities then you will also realize that 24 hours are not enough. I blame today's situation & our schedules. But it's important that we manage our time wisely so that we can have plenty of "me" time.

How to simplify your daily social media tasks.png

Today social media is growing & every person is on to it. Be it an individual or an entrepreneur,  we all are busy establishing & growing our social media presence. This adds up to our daily routine.

In this post, I am sharing few easy ways on how you can simplify your daily social media tasks, which will take off some burden from your daily routine.

It's time to list it down

Make a list of all your social media profiles you are active on. Also, make a note of how many followers, fans you have on those profiles. Find out from which social media profile you get a maximum number of website visits. Which of those profiles are driving sales? Rank your social media profiles on the basis of these factors above. You will finally come to know which of the social profiles are worth giving priority.

Create your schedule

You won't be able to give your valuable time to all of your social networks at once. Based on the social media profile's priority (as per your ranking allotment) you will have to set a schedule. Divide your routine into 3 schedules - morning, afternoon & late evening. Spend at least 1 hour, thrice a day.

To do lists are important

Now that you have decided to dedicate 1 hour for each schedule, it's time to set to-do lists in place. Depending on your social profiles, break down that 1 hour so that you can comment, message, respond to the replies received in order to build your network.

Make the most out of the tools available

There are so many tools available which help in smoothening the process of managing social media efforts. Be it for posting updates/ content, engaging, there are tools for that.

  • Buffer: It's the best tool for scheduling. Free & paid plans available. It's the most user-friendly social media scheduling tool which will allow you to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+ at ease.
  • Meet Edgar: A premium tool ($49/ mo) which encourages re-posting of ever green content. So if you are a blogger, you don't have to spend time in posting your blog updates again & again. Set your updates in the queue & Edgar will have it recycled at the times set by you. This tool will allow you to integrate Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin seamlessly.
  • TweetDeck: It's a complete Twitter management tool. You can manage your Twitter easily. Whether it's scheduling posts or responding to tweets, replies or messages, all can be managed under one hub.
  • Facebook Page Manager: If you have your own Facebook page, you can make the most out of this tool by managing your updates, responding to messages on the fly. The app is available on iOS & Android.

I hope these tips will help you sort your daily social media tasks in order to streamline your life.